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Rose Campbell

Rose is a native Houstonian and mother of five. Her experiences as a parent have led to a passion for all things pregnancy and birth. As Mrs. Woodlands, Rose is dedicated to lowering the maternal death rate by raising awareness of often misunderstood or overlooked prenatal and postpartum conditions. Rose's high-risk pregnancies and five years as a doula working with parents and babies provided her with the opportunity to collaborate with several maternity care organizations such as PPCM FundPostpartum Support International. She has traveled the United States advocating and speaking for women including Texas AIM, Mom Congress, and many others. She currently works as a mommy blogger for Corralling the Campbell’s with a combined total of more than 400,000 followers and provides Public Relations for Parenting Brands. Rose is an On Air TV Personality and is co-owner of The Stork's Warehouse and associated web series The Stork's Nursery.

Rose will be representing Mrs. Woodlands at the Mrs. Texas Pageant this August 2021.  

She released her first e-book 2021 on Amazon. 


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