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Meet The Founder: Rose Campbell

Rose Campbell is a dynamic businesswoman with a keen understanding of the power of social media. She has taken her expertise to new heights with her show, Slay With Rose, now available for streaming on Roku and Amazon Fire. Through her program, Rose provides an exceptional platform for ambitious women entrepreneurs and CEOs to share their stories, wisdom, triumphs, and challenges with a global audience.

Managing a bustling household of six children, multiple businesses, and a successful show is no small feat, yet Rose has adeptly navigated the organized chaos that comes with running such ventures. Her diverse clientele, which includes top TV celebrities, luxury brands, NYFW showcases, models, authors, and TikTok influencers, speaks to her dedication to representing individuals and brands she deeply values. By empowering her clients to leverage social media to authentically engage with their communities and cultivate devoted followings, Rose is a true leader in her field.

Among her accomplishments, Rose has won numerous publicity awards, including the title of Top Publicist in Texas. She operates offices in Nashville, Tennessee; Hollywood, California; and Houston, Texas. Her creativity and hard work are inspiring, and she continues to set a stellar example for others in the industry. We all derive great benefit from Rose's innovative strategies and unwavering commitment to her craft. 

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