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2021 Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is approaching quickly and for many lovers and parents, it's a big deal!

Chocolate and flowers are a good start, but a present with extra thought behind it is even better.

Enjoy our roundup of this year's very BEST Valentine's Day gifts for even the tiniest of sweethearts.

Valentine’s Day Video Book

Heirloom's video books ($49) make great gifts for everyone, especially those without smartphones. The process is simple. Download the iOS app, upload favorite videos, choose from four thematic covers (Valentine’s, Birthday, Floral, or Standard) and add a custom message for the recipient. Heirloom transfers videos to a 10-minute video book and mails it directly to the loved one. Visit to learn more and receive $14 OFF with promo code: VDAY14

KHAOS by Kate

Quality and Beautiful Fashion Jewelry

KHAOS offers affordable and quality designer jewelry. You choose what you love or, with help from their in-depth questionnaire, they can help you choose what best suits your loved one.️ I love their jewelry. I use their lovely earrings and rings in my everyday wear. They go perfectly with some wedges or pumps and are even cute with yoga pants and a tank top!

Jojo Shoes

I love the look and quality provided by Jojo Shoes! Each pair is handmade by the owner and comes with a comfort guarantee that has remained true even after several full days of wear. I love the black with the polka dots! Seriously, so stylish. Any person would love a pair of shoes from Jojo Shoes.

Use the code HEARTS and you'll receive 20% off!


Get ready to be creative! In your 100PercentBEAD! Box, you'll find everything needed to make the perfect piece of jewelry to fit your significant other's tastes. All that's required are scissors, tape, and a ruler or tape measure and they'll quickly be on their way to adorable jewelry for every occasion. Have fun exploring and experimenting with the contents, you can use and enjoy as much as you want, whenever you want.

A free bag of Valentine's Day beads is included in every B.Y.O Box at no additional charge. For every Kit sold, one is donated to a Children's Hospital. Giving back is 100PercentSweet!

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be expensive! Here are a few free or low costs ways to celebrate the day with your children and show them you care.

  • Write them Valentine's Day letters-Tell them all the things you love about them with a personal letter or card, handmade by mom or dad.

  • Make a special Valentine's Day breakfast- Pancakes in the shape of a heart are sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

  • Make and decorate sugar cookies together- Nothing says I love you to a child like the gift of their parent's time and attention.

  • Wrap a small present- Every child, from the youngest to the oldest, loves unwrappings gifts!

  • Have a special Valentine's Day dinner- Dinner doesn't have to be a grand affair or meal out. Even mac and cheese tastes better when served on special dishes or Valentine's Day themed plates.

Children's Gifts:

Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse! Book: “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” Valentine edition! This is the cutest book, that you'll be able to pull out every February – and it's under $8!


I bought both the unicorn and the pug and can't wait to give them to my kids!

1. Size- Both stuffed toys are true to size

2. Color- Colors are the same as the advertised pictures. The unicorn is a cute purple and the pug has a light, almost flesh-colored "fur" with the most adorable dark brown nose.

3. Softness- The stuffed animals are very soft and cuddly, although I noticed that the unicorn seems to have more stuffing than the pug. The pug's body is a little bit limp when compared to the unicorn, with a firmer nose. Overall, both are cuddly, smooth, and appear well-made. Perfect for hugs and cuddles!

4. Giftable- These work as gifts for kids and adults alike! I bought both the unicorn and pug to liven up a room. I love both my cuddle buddies!

Wren Amber Clothing :

SO, SO STYLISH AND CUTE! I can't wait for my daughter's dresses to arrive!

I especially love their pink linen 1950's inspired "Maya" coat dress.

The pleating a-line cut with snap detailing is a timeless style that is beyond darling for today's child. Add some knee-high socks or tights and pair them with your favorite shoes!

Use code LOVE20 to receive their Valentine's Day sale of 20% off

Mini & Me

Mini & Me matching girl and doll dresses are magically twirly, super-soft, and machine washable. Perfect for any occasion or hours of creative play! My girls love these so much! They are obsessed with dressing up their dolls and now they can match. <3 Sale is 1/25-1/28. Select items are 25% off.

Calm the F**k Down

This gift is universal; it is perfect for your kids pillows, your pillow, and even hubby's pillow ;) As a mom of five, this is the perfect gift for our family. This company, {ther • happy} creates handmade therapeutic products that I call theramists.

Calm the F*ck Down theramist is made with organic lavender, tangerine essential oils, and calming Flower Essences. It smells SO good and can be sprayed on yourself, your pillow, or in your room/office. It works wonders for busy moms and toddlers.

Code : Valentine15

Living Loudly Inc.

This is such a unique gift for children; I wish they made adults ones! These aren't your average T-shirt. Open up the colorful capsule packaging and you'll discover a unique character on outrageously soft fabric. Designed for children ages 3-8 years old, Living Loudly infuses joy into everything that they do which we experienced first-hand when we received their colorful packaging that included the vibrant tees wrapped in a story about the shirt.

Coupon Code:

20% off with code: Gavin_the_Magic_Goldfish

The Lady Savant Foundation

A little about the company:

The Lady Savant Foundation is known for so many things, including their Kindness Charts for kids. Think chore charts, but for acts of kindness. Their goal is to have kids make kindness a habit and enable our kids to be the kindness architects of their future. This is a great hands-on learning tool, especially geared towards elementary-aged kids. They offer 3 different themed options.

I will definitely be ordering these for my kiddos.

The normal price is $20 + shipping, but just for Valentine's you'll receive them for $15! They accept Venmo, PayPal, or checks.

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