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5 Beach Tips

Going to the beach during the summer is a Texas tradition. We love making the drive to Corpus Christi (even with Galveston being closer). Going to the beach with kids can be fun but also miserable and hot. We always bring lots of snacks and drinks to keep their bellies full. The easiest snacks are prepackaged snacks and no chocolate! You don’t want anything that melts!!

Here are our tips for having a fun Beach day!

Baby Powder: Sand tends to stay all over your legs and feet area. When you are ready to go inside you don’t want sand everywhere. Sprinkle on some baby powder and the sand will disappear!

Laundry Bag for sand toys: Buy a mesh laundry bag ($1 store) to keep sand toys in. After beaching it all day, simply rinse the entire bag off with the hose and the sand will be gone. Works great.

Baby Oil: This is awesome!!! It fights mosquitoes and smells great and has none of the other harmful chemicals in other sprays. It works great for pools too.

Fitted Sheet Trick: Lay out a fitted sheet on the sand and anchor with heavier items on each end to slow down the sand from getting on yourself and/or the kiddos.

Disguise Your Valuables Place items wrap in a clean disposable diaper to keep valuables safe while you swim. I have seen some moms put valuables in Pringle cans or chip bags etc.

Pack Ice Chest: We pack our ice chest with Frozen Grapes, Cold Apple sauces or Mama Chias, frozen Gatorades and Frozen Waters ( they will thaw but still be cold on a hot day), Goldfish, and cut up fruits.

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