85 bakery

We ended up going to 85 bakery in Sugarland, TX! They had so many things to try. We tried:

-Matcha Tea Roll: Ig you are a big fan of Matcha Tea this roll is for you! It definitely should be paired with a Tea!

-Tuna Ham cheddar sandwich: I was very intrigued by this concoction. To my surprise, the tuna wasn’t overpowering. The ham and cheddar really complimented each other.

-Cream Puff: I LOVE cream puffs. They are the main reason I can’t loose weight. This is a dessert made by god.

-coffee milk butter bread: this sweet bread had milk pudding and coffee cream with chocolate on top. It was pretty tasty. My kids really enjoyed it.

—bacon&ham cheese roll: This I got for my husband who is a bacon lover. He said it was great. LOL! But seriously, the bacon and ham mixed with the bread and cheese were perfect!

if you haven’t had a chance to try 85 Bakery you are missing out!

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