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Amazon Hair Accessories

There are so many products on Amazon that it can be hard making a decision! Being a mom and also having chemically treated hair I am always looking for a great hair product!

These are my Top Amazon Hair Products and Accessories that I have tried.

1) Head Bands:

These are so cute. It comes in a pack of ten. My daughters and I both were them!

2) Shampoo and Conditioner:

I have had five kiddos in five years. Which means my hair is super thin! It was thin to begin with! But man it is constantly falling out. This shampoo and conditioner have really helped!

3) More Headbands:

This floral 4 pack is super cute and great for any mom want to change their look for the day ;) Or in the carpool line ;P

4) Hair Detangler:

I don't know about you but I love the dry bar! Their products are absolutely amazing as well. Better yet you can get them on amazon.

5) Hair Masks:

I do hair masks once a week. I usually make my own. But If im too tired or really need it I use these :)

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