Best Amazon Bras!

I use to dream of having the cutest looking bras. Now I dream of having the most comfortable and full coverage of my boobage kinda bra! Cute would be a plus as well. I am a big breasted woman though and it can be hard to find a bra!

Also, 5 years of nursing on and off makes it even more difficult to find a bra.

Here are so bras I have liked!

1) Multi-Pack Bras:

I got my regular size, 38DD, and they fit perfectly. I have to tell you, I haven't been this comfortable in a bra since I don't know when. Although with these bras I did make the switch to a larger cup size.. and I will explain.. I'm sure many of you have heard that "most women wear the wrong size bra" and I heard more detail about that a bit before I purchased the lace version of these, that we usually wear too small a cup and to lose a band. When I ordered my lace ones this, along with a review that said the cup runs small, I made the decision to take a gamble and order a 38DD instead of 38D.


Normally I remove the padding on these types of sports bras because it just ends up either being bulky or causing lines in my shirts or being uncomfortable, however I left the padding in these sports bras and I love it. It shapes my breasts perfectly and is so comfortable.

3) Calvin Klein Bra :

It is comfortable material, looks great, and I absolutely love the thick band underneath.

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