Best Baby Furniture Of The Year

Baby Products are so confusing when you are a new mom! There are so many products out there! We are here to ease your mind! Plus who doesn’t love amazon!!!

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Changing Table:

We just had our 2nd baby and are in the process of DIYing her nursery furniture. Her changing pad will go on the dresser once it is finished. In the meantime, I thought it would be helpful to get a cheap changing table. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this changing table and baskets! It's very well made and looks nice in our room! She is in our room for the first few months anyway so this makes things so easy. I will probably keep using it even after her bedroom furniture is done in her nursery. (We are painting everything gray like this.) Now I can put other things on her dresser. If you are looking for a nice changing table, there's no need to spend hundreds of dollars. This one is really well made and very functional! It was also pretty easy for my husband to put together (took about 10 minutes). (has lasted through 4 of 5 kids)

Baby Bassinet:

This bassinet was a lifesaver on our recent vacation. We have a very big 4-month-old baby (18 lbs, 27”) and LOVED how spacious the dimensions are on this bassinet - it’s much larger than other similar products, which is a huge plus if you have a baby that needs extra space like ours. In terms of its functionality, this bassinet is easy to set up and take apart (it only has 3 separate pieces: the main bassinet and 2 legs that attach underneath). The folding mechanism is very straightforward: you simply give a quick yank to the nylon strap found in the center crease of the mattress. The tote bag provided to carry the folded/disassembled bassinet is easy to use, with smooth nylon material that allows the bassinet to slip inside with essentially zero effort. Unlike other carrying totes, this one actually has some extra wiggle room so you don’t feel like you’re forcing something into it that barely fits. Although we have not had any issues with it thus far, the tote bag material is quite thin and presumably susceptible to holes/tearing; if I could make one critique to this product it would be to reinforce the tote bag since the metal legs rub against it during transit. Overall, this bassinet is fantastic and we fully recommend it.


So, my husband and I went back and forth on whether we wanted the dock a tot. We decided not to get it and see how it goes.... my son is 6 weeks right now. He REFUSED to sleep in anything other than his rock and play no matter how many times we would try his bassinet. He hated being on his back and would toss, turn, cry and mom and dad would get no sleep.

We decided to give the dock a tot a try.... so we took the plunge... Its been 3 nights in the dock a tot and he has slept 3hrs at a time (he's breastfeeding), so he will wake up at the 3hr mark, eat, then right back down in his dock a tot with no fuss.

So far we are fans!! :) Dock a Tot for the win!!

We love the Cubby Idea for Baby Clothes:

Rocking Chair:

We purchased this chair for my daughter’s room. It arrived quickly and was remarkably easy to assemble. The snaps were a bit difficult, as other reviewers have indicated, but if you employ a bit of elbow grease and patience, they snap into place quite nicely. It looks great and is very comfortable. Let’s get down to the brass tacks: Pros: *package arrived earlier than expected and was well-packaged. *the item color was exactly as described and shown in the description (light pink). *sturdy construction *smooth bearings and smooth rocking motion *well-constructed *heavy-duty fabric on the upholstery *the side pocket is great for storing storybooks, etc. *ridiculously quick and easy assembly

Diaper Pail:

I had heard mixed reviews about the diaper genie before purchasing it. I thought - how could it be different than a regular old trash can. LET ME TELL YOU. This thing is a caterpillar can. It eats poopy diapers and spits out a perfectly tieable bag. I love this thing and would have been so sad if I had not purchased it. We probably change the bag out on this every 1-2 days since we have a newborn and she goes through many diapers a day. There is absolutely no smell from this trashcan which I find almost unbelievable. I was concerned about capacity at first but realized that if I had any larger of a can the smell would definitely start to accumulate and become a problem. Changing the bag is a breeze as there is a cutter thingy inside the base of the can so you can just cut the bag wherever you need and tie another knot to start a new bag. Whoever invented this thing deserves multiple awards for making my life 100 times easier. I would absolutely both recommend this to others as well as purchase it for friends' baby showers.

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