Creating A Cozy Master Bedroom

How to make your master bedroom feel and look like a hotel room for cheap!

Every mom deserves a little get away and when you are a mom that is hard to do. Making your master bedroom into your escape for a little peace is the best thing you can do for self care. Here are my tips on creating a cozy bedroom!

1. SOOTHING LIGHTING The way a room is lit really sets the ambience. Light dimmers, chandelier, or lamps instead of a huge over head light. Harsh lighting thst gives you headache and etc is a big no no.


When it comes to feeling cozy, a fluffy throw blanket is pretty much a necessity. But having the perfect bedding makes you want to sink into the bed and never get up sounds pretty cozy and relaxing to me! Have a clean and nice bed sheet always important to make you have a good sleep all night. Have new bed linen will get a fresh look in your bedroom. My favorite blankets are Faux Fur and Sherpa!

3. Plush Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers can make a big impact on your sleep quality, with the added esthetic benefit of cushiness.

Plus, it protects your mattress and keeps you cooler, which is ideal for sleeping. A well rested mama is best kind of mama. This is my favorite Mattress Topper


Both real and faux flowers can offer a more homey feel to any room.


Incorporating some peaceful, calming artwork to your bedroom wall will up the soothing factor tremendously.


Certain scents are just more conducive to resting.

7. Oversized Mirrors for Added Elegance

LARGE mirrors with elegant frames will give your bedrooms that luxury feeling.

Check out this list Cozy and relaxing mom masterbedroom from Corralling The Campbell's

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