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Beat The Heat Texas Edition

Updated: Apr 14

Living in Texas our whole lives we are used to the heat I mean our winters are even hot for the most part. We have learned to survive. I know lots of friends that will just leave Texas for the Summer. But with Corona there isn't much traveling going on. So here are our tips on staying cool!

1)If you need to do outside chores, do them in the morning when the sun rises or even earlier. Take frequent breaks, get plenty of water. We get up and feed all our homestead animals at 7:30 am. We do that before we eat our breakfast. We also make sure they have frozen fruit and etc.

2)Buckle your seatbelts when you leave the car. Again, this will keep the metal part cooler – especially good for kids who are at the age where they’ll grab anything in sight.

3) Wear a Swim Suit.... My summer clothing consist of Swim suit at home and shorts and tanks when out and a bout.

4) If you have to be outside I highly recommend buying a Industrial Worker Fan. They are about $200 and ours has lasted 8 years and still going strong. This fan is HUGE! We turn it on our porch or barn and it is the best breeze EVER.

5) Drink those 8 glasses of water per day, and make sure every family member remains hydrated as well. This is particularly important for babies, toddlers, the elderly, and anyone with chronic health issues. I add Nuun to our Waters.

6) I will put a rag in the freezer the night before. I get it wet, douse it with 4 drops of Peppermint and 4 drops of Eucalyptus. Pop that baby in the freezer and when you are going outside put on your neck while you work. I always have one ready for my husband and dad when they build or improve our animal enclosures.

7)If you long to be outdoors, fill a kiddie pool with water, sit down, and relax. Be sure to wear sunscreen! When the water gets too warm to enjoy, use it to water the plants. We have an above ground pool and we empty it into our Garden. We also fill kiddie pools with ice and water for our dogs.

Do you have any hacks you use? Let us know how you stay cool!

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