Diaper Bag Must Haves

As a mom of five, I felt it helpful to have someone help me with getting the things I needed ready to take the baby out. I went 6 months without a diaper bag- worst mistake ever...

I can’t go anywhere without a diaper bag. I have two. I really like the back pack version but I’ve been back wearing my two year old. So I have one that will strap to my stroller.

I get asked all the time. What is in your diaper bag? What are your must haves!?!

Let’s get into the complete list of what to pack in a diaper bag:

For Toddler/baby:


—Pull Ups & extra panties

—Hand sanitizer ( I use young living —Garbage bag (like from target) for blowouts and dirty diapers —2 pairs of clothes per child under 2

—Mini Portable White Noise Machine (like this: )

—Apple Sauce or Mama Chia Pouches

—Changing Pad


—bottle (one extra)

—small toy/rattle

—bottle (one extra)

—organic pops/gummies —butt paste

—organic pops/gummies —butt paste

For MaMa:


-water bottle (fav water bottle :

-nuun (electrolyte powder)

-extra hair ties and a hair brush

-Snacks: cliff bars & trail mix my fav

-phone charging battery (like this:

-coconut oil (if you are nursing)

-valor roll on (yl essential oil)

-bag of change (incase they have small kid rides)



-wireless earphones (the kids watch movies in the car and I listen to music or my fav podcast)


My Diaper Bagpack

My Regular Diaper Bag:

What do you put in your diaper bag? Let us know below!

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