Fruit Leather

Yummy, healthy, super-easy and cheap to make – Fruit Leather is the ultimate in grab and go snacks. Making fruit leathers at home is really easy, fun to do with the kids, and you get to control exactly what goes into them! How to Make Easy and Delicious Fruit Leather

Bowl full of strawberries 2 Cooking Apples (these cook down to a purée better than eaters) Juice of a Lemon

1/2 cup of wildflower or lavender honey (plain honey is fine too)

Cook until soft, and puree the mixture with a handheld blender. If you want to add sugar, honey or another sweetener to taste do it now. I always have added honey.

Pour the purée on to the sheet and stick it into a cool oven set it as low as you can – you are aiming to dry it not cook it! 

It can take anything from about 8hrs to about 16hrs to totally dry out. I have taken it out for a couple of hours mid-drying before, when I’ve wanted the oven space.  I cook ours in the oven and I have used the dehydrator as well. When I use the oven, I put it on the lowest setting with the door cracked a little. When its dry to touch, peel it off lay it on a clean piece of baking parchment, cut it into strips, and roll them up. Apparently fruit leather will keep in a cool,dark place for up to a year when dried properly. When I make fruit leather I make enough for four of the kids month supply. I do this instead of buying fruit snacks at the store that are full of sugar and not real fruit.

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