Get Crafty, Santa Style

Christmas is just FIVE weeks away! This guide has been requested by so many moms and signific others. Most of the products in this blog post are off Amazon! We will be doing three more guides this week for STEM, toddlers, and grandparents! Let’s jump right in!

1) Radiant Mommy: The 3 week program to feel healthier, happier and balanced As a mom of five I felt that this book is a must have for all expecting moms & moms in general! A gentle shove of a reminder that cranky and tired mom does not have to be my reality! This book is packed with tips on everything from starting your day to showing gratitude and being mindful of what you put inside your body, Radiant Mommy is not only a perfect gift for Christmas even a stocking stuffer, but a great gift for every new mom(baby shower gift for sure!) Don't let anyone make you believe that being a mom means that you're constantly stressed and tired.

2) Mama's Milk Wrap

This is the nursing moms dream! If you are a first time mom and don’t know what this is. Let me tell you! As someone who nursed five toddlers I used ice packs, heating pads, cold cloths, steamy showers, and so many other products! The Nustle is all that in one! This product can also be used as a belly band, postpartum /period heating pad, back pain, and pumping bra! The wrap uses hot and cold therapy! There is literally no other product like this on the market right now in the United States! You have to get this not only for Christmas present but for baby showers as well!

3) Jessica Simpson Comfy Slippers:

These house slippers are amazing! My tired feet love them! Not to mention they are adorbs and machine washable!

4) Nursing Bra By Oh La Lari: This is the most adorable but very functional nursing bra in the breastfeeding industry! I don’t know about you but when I nursed I had the hardest time finding nursing bras that also made me feel human and not a milking cow. They were either nude color or black and just no frill to them. Oh La Lari’s Nursing Bra is the bra that makes you feel like a Queen while nursing! Did I mention it is so comfortable!

5) Munchkin Milkmakers All-Natural Moisturizing Belly Balm for Pregnancy Skincare

This belly butter is even comes with a Mess-Free Applicator! Made from natural ingredients! This belly butter didn’t leave my tummy feeling like it had a film on it. my skin soaked it all up! After two weeks of using it, I could definitely tell a difference in my skin!

6) Sherpa Blanket: Every Woman pregnant or not LOVES soft blankets! This was one of the softest blankets on Amazon under $50 I could find! I snuggle up with it every night during my 20 minutes of quite time. Every Christmas I ask for the softest blanket my husband can find!

7) Jade Roller & Gua Sha, Face Roller I use this every night and it feels amazing on my skin. The instructions it comes with really helps when it comes to how to use it and which direction to roll this on your face. Even helps when it comes to using the gua sha. The handle is really comfortable to hold, thought it was going to be awkward but it's really not. Love how this feels on my face and neck. Almost feels as though I'm giving myself a nice massage. I did push a little too hard when using the gua sha and accidentally bruised myself, so you don't need as much pressure as I thought I was going to need.

8) Soy Candle: I don’t normally use candles, I am an essential oil person! But someone recommended this candle so I gave it a shot! It’s a soy candle. I lighted it right before a bath and it relaxed me. It is such a small thing that can really change a rooms mood and a candle is one of them!

9) Irobot Roomba:

No, I promise you won’t end up in the dog house if you buy your partner this! This vacuum is literally a time saver! As a mom of five I am CONSTANTLY cleaning! The roomba allows me to sit down and read or journal or even answer some emails while my floors are being cleaned! Now I do usually have it vaccum when my kids are asleep or else my 2 &3 year old want to ride it!

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