SCAM!?! Grove Collaborative!

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

GOTCHA!!!! I get asked all the time if GROVE is a SCAM! I can't say enough good things about Grove Collaborative!! The products are awesome and a great price range. Their customer service is AMAZING!!!! any issue I've ever had, they have fixed it one way or another...sometimes in multiple ways. This has been my go-to company to buy cleaning supplies and other things for years now! They work!

I'll first say I didn't do my homework on the "naturally derived" part of these tabs. I can't tell you if they're completely 100% organic ingredients or whatever you may be looking for. I just decided over the last few years to start buying green dishwasher tabs. This was mainly because no matter what dishwasher tabs you use, they all seem to leave a slight residue. That residue may be in the form of a film or it may be a few grains of whatever that you notice on your clear drinking glasses. Getting rid of 100% of this residue, no matter what brand you use, even with rinse aid, is nearly impossible. So I figured, If I'm using a dishwasher, I'm gonna ingest some of this stuff anyway. It might as well be "natural" and somewhat less "toxic". And my beef with most of the "natural" dishwasher tabs to date is so many of them leave a lot of film or grains of what-have-you on the dishes. Some require a rinse aid of some kind (which I've found just plain citric acid works great). But adding a rinse aid just adds another step to dropping a tab in the dishwasher and turning it on. However, these method tabs leave no residue, require no rinse aid, and they seem to get the dishes pretty clean too! I understand everyone's dishwasher works different, and results may vary. But our dishwasher has some years on it and these work perfectly. I'd say give them a try.


I have decided to try the "Grove Collaborative," but I have changed my account status to "purchase as needed" rather than "automatic shipment" every thirty days. I have also asked to have my account placed on text notifications rather than email communications. They have a free 60 day trial for "VIP" status, which means shipping is free. At the end of the 60-day trial, if desired, the VIP status can be purchased for one year at a cost of $19.99, and then promotional products are mailed periodically, and all shipments are delivered for free. There are only certain of their many products that I would use, so we will see how this works out.


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