Guru Burgers + Crepes

We found this place shortly after moving to the sugar land area and immediately fell in love. It’s a hip fun little concept with a fresh view on burgers, and what they do they do well. I’ve tried the menu and now I get the same each time, the Pineapple Express. All it needs is a touch of sriracha and you’ve got the bomb diggity.

They have a new Surf & Turf burger! Akaushi beef, shrimp, creamy swiss and provolone, grilled onions, and arugula, topped with chipotle aioli for an extra little kick! It is the bomb! We've also still got a large selection of beers!

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We church up the fries to the Buddha fries and add appetizers for the kids to enjoy with their meals. On the weekends the Crepes are nice for brunch. The kids and I both LOVE the Gouda Mac&cheese with andouille sausage and crawfish. Everything about this place is Delicious! 🤤

There are another couple of places run by the same company in the town square, Jupiter pizza, and Jalapenos. Both are also worth tasting for yourself.

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