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Healthy-ish Snacks: They don't always have to be sugar free ;)

I know every mom busy or not is looking for snacks other than Goldfish! That bland crap isn’t that great and gets old pretty quick. So check out these snacks my kids have approved!

1: Carrot Sticks Ranch Flavor - My kids love these! I put them in our diaper bag for when we are out in about. I'm sure it is healthier to make them myself in the dehydrator. they were only $3 at target

2: Hillshire Bistro Boards - All my kids split this. I will open it and put it on the table with some grapes after breakfast. They can snack on it all day. It has crackers, cheese, chocolate, egg, and meat. “Healthier” version of the Lunchable.

3: Flavored Hummus- We like Brownie Batter a lot. But there are other flavors like snickerdoodle, chocolate chip cookie, dark chocolate, etc. We sometimes have Pretzels or cinnamon/naked pita chips to dip into the hummus!

4: Veggie Sticks- Instead of Cheetos we get ranch veggies sticks. They have them pringle style, individually wrapped, or a huge bag (@costco)!

5: Sweet Potato Sun Chips -

This snack hits the Sweet & Salty tooth. My kids will eat the whole bag in one sitting if I let them.

6: Larabars- My kids love the chocolate, mint, peppermint bark flavors. They don’t like any of the other flavors.

7: Mama Chia Pouches and Drinks- This snack is something both my kids and I LOVE! I always have the pouches in our diaper bag! Also, Costco sells a big bulk of the glass jar drinks! So delicious and very healthy.

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