In-n-Out: Is it better than Whataburger?!

Houston has long awaited The In-N-Out Burger Food Chain. So Texans, is this burger place better than whataburgers?!

We gave In-N-Out a try today. They opened two weeks ago and we have been waiting patiently for in-n-our to actually be in-n-out and not wait five hours to get a burger. So that being said I only waited 20 minutes (the line looked really long but wasn’t too bad). The Whataburger like had 6 people and they were still there by the time I got my food.

We got one #1 which is a double double with fries and a rootbeer and then a double double by itself for me. The kids love fries I am not a big fan myself.

The staff is extremely nice! I am not usually a fan of fries because people pile on the salt. But that being said these fries were PERFECT!!! The sauce on the burgers was delish, the lettuce crisp, the meat and cheese juicy and greasy- so just right! This greasy spoon was phenomenal! I highly recommend In-N-Out over Whataburger! Sorry texans! But still going to get my Honey Butter biscuits from Whataburger! 🥰🥰

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