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I love earrings, rings, bracelets,etc.! Ear Bling is what my husband calls them. I am obsessed! The only problem with that was I have had 5 babies over the last 5 years! So only studs have been my bestie! Having a dangle earring pulled out of your ear is no fun! But now that all my kiddos will officially be over 1 year old next month I am excited to start wearing dangles! Again, Amazon is my jam!

Here is my list of Amazon Ear Bling!

1) Kate Spade Studs:

These earrings are gorgeous and can be worn with jeans and a cute tee or a dress!


These hoop like earrings are cute for any occassion as well.

3)Opal Earrings!

Opal is my birthstone! I love opal!!! It is such a unique and gorgeous stone!

Jewelry Sets:

1) Cheetah

Cheetah print goes with a lot of cute outfits!

2) Floral Set

3) Rose Set

4) Leaf Set

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