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Road Trippin with Toddlers

We travel a lot..And never by plane. My kids love our road trips. Here are tips and tricks that we use :)

Now prepping for a road trip with five kiddos takes some time. WHY? Because you got to come up with lots of ideas to keep them busy. From where we are to Gatlinburg is a 15-hour drive and that is not counting potty breaks. We plan on leaving a little after midnight. So the kids will be asleep for at least 6 hours. We gotta keep them occupied for the next 8 hours plus.

First, we go to the library and get some DVDs and some adventure & Christmas books.

Then we stop at five below and grabbed $40 worth of coloring books, activity books, handheld hungry hippo games, and of course lots of Frozen 2 activities.

We also ordered some Melissa and Doug on the go water wow! Books. Which have always come in handy and won’t ruin my car!

Five Below had some really neat Roadtrip Adventure Bingo ($1each pic below) that will keep them occupied for thirty minutes.

Snacks for the road: Carrot Sticks, Veggie Chips, Peanut Butter Crackers, Lunchables, danimals, goldfish, and Twizzlers.

As far as potty breaks, we will have a potty training toilet in the middle of the car with a bag in it. So if we have to pull over in the middle of nowhere we can. Two of our five kiddos are in diapers, everybody is in big kid pants. ;p We also have two parks mapped out along our route. This way the kids get thirty minutes to run out some of that energy at each park.

How do you prep for a road trip?! Do you have road trip tips?

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