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Everyone tells you how much fun it is to be a mom but not many people tell you how hard it actually is. Especially when you have multiple kids. Everyone says things like “oh your other kids will love having a little sister or brother” but what they don’t tell you is when you first bring the baby home they WILL NOT love having them. They will hate it. They just realized that they are no longer the baby and they no longer will get all of your attention.      

When we first brought home our third baby my oldest son Kaden loved to help out with everything from changing the diaper to giving her a bath. On the other hand, Karsyn did not love having her here. He would hit her and try to head but her. He would take her blankets or pacifier. He didn’t like it what so ever.  With that being said I found a few things that really seemed to help with that.    

  We got him involved. We asked him to help give me wipes or through away her diaper. We got him to help with bathing. We even got him to hold her to help her stop crying. Once we started this we noticed he didn’t feel so left out and he enjoyed helping. Things have gotten so much better since starting this.       So I’m here to tell you things do get easier. Not right away but with a little time and patience, it will.  The more you and your spouse talk about the new baby with your older children throughout the pregnancy, the more familiar it will seem when the birth takes place.    Before the birth of the new baby, pick out a little gift for your older child as a token from the new baby. Let him open it when you arrive home from the hospital and explain that it’s from your new baby to celebrate how happy you are that your family is growing and how special it is for him to now have a sister or brother to love. While you are pregnant get a baby doll and teach them how to take care of it so that they can pretend alongside you while you change "sis or brothers" diaper or burping etc. Kids generally want one thing—to please their parents and to feel safe and loved. So make sure to remind them throughout the day how much you love them and take 5 minutes to read or just sit with them. Parenthood is exhausting so make sure you are getting everything you need first! <3


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