Slim Chicken

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

We were asked to review Slim Chicken in Katy! So here is our review!

In a few ways, it's similar to PDQ. The food was delicious. The tenders and fries with ranch dip and slim sauce. The slim sauce is a bit like a sweet marinara and you may like or dislike it. We also tried the fried pickles. My kids and husband are obsessed with pickles! they really enjoyed the pickles dipped in slim chicken sauce.

Kids eat free on Sundays which is a plus since we have five toddlers 😋🤪 I think we had to pay for two of the kiddos, but hey three were free. 🥰

My favorite was the chicken and Texas-shaped waffle! So very Texas! The chicken and waffles really complimented each other. The side of the bread was a little too much but that’s okay.

Give slim chickens a try and see what you think!

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