Slique In 60 Winner

Hey everyone!

Some if you might not know but in 2018 I won’t the Slique in 60 Challenge With Young Living! Man, can I say how amazing it was! Not only were the prizes AMAZING but the encouragement from the young living community was amazing. I just want to say Thank You! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without all of the wonderful messages and followers!

A lot of people have asked what I won exactly other than the weight loss. Here is the AMAZING LLIST:

- Convention Registration for 2

- Roundtrip Airfare For 2

- 4 Night Hotel Accommodations

-Slique water bottles

-two apple watches


-30 essential oil collection

-two tshirts

- Premier Aroma Collection

These additions to the already generous packages add more than $3,200 to the 120-Day prizes bringing the total to nearly $9300!

How did I win?!

I followed online Work out challenges Like this one.

Daily Workout Challenge:

Do 3 sets of 50% of your base level

Lunges:Do 3 sets of 50% of your base level

I bought a treadmill and walked everyday three times a day for 30 minutes each.

My husband and I did yoga once a week from home off YouTube.

I cut sugar and carbs. I did a flush cleanse. I took the Young Living Supplements. A shot of Ningxia Red. My favorite Slique product were the gum. I had it in the diaper bag, my car, next to my bed, & in my gym bag.

My second favorite the Chocolate Covered Slique. YUM!!!!

I highly recommend the Young Living Slique Products‼️‼️‼️

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