Stocking Stuffers For Men

I don’t know about your husbands but my husband can be a pain to shop for. 🤪 I am constantly asking him what he wants and he just says “I don’t know”. Um.... okay then....

So Here Is My List Of Stocking Stuffers For Men:

1) Star Wars Mad Libs:

Love Star Wars? Love mad libs?

The Force is strong with these Mad Libs.

This is just a fantastic edition of Mad Libs. For the most part, it's basically just the chronological story of Star Wars from The Phantom Menace through Return of the Jedi. (Force Awakens material is not included) The only difference from these stories you know by heart is all the blank lines that you can fill with various nouns / adjectives / verbs to make Star Wars hilarious.

2)Brew Candy:

My husband absolutely loved them but he loves beer and candy so it works out. I tasted one and it really taste just like the beer it was suppose to which was shocking to me.

3) Bass Pro Shop Gift Card:

This lets the person receiving the card to purchase what they actually want. Nothing to return after Christmas. It is the perfect gift when you aren't sure of size, style or preference.

4)Toilet Timer:

i had to throw in a gag gift. I don’t know what it is about a man on the toilet but I might actually use this on him 🤪

5)Fountain Pens:

I get my husband one for Christmas every year. He loves fountain pens.

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