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Grace and Joy: Meet Whitnee

Updated: Apr 15

We have all heard of the KonMari Method, designed by Marie Kondo to help people organize and clean their cluttered homes. Today, we want to introduce you to The Grace & Joy Morning Routine Guide, designed by The Savvy Working Mom to help parents organize and streamline their hectic schedules.

Did you know your morning routine can be calm and efficient, without needing to wake up at the crack of dawn? Even if you have tried a billion other impossible-to-implement morning routines, the Grace & Joy program can work for you.

The Grace & Joy program was created by a working mom, for moms, and takes as little as 7 minutes a day. Through the Grace & Joy framework, you can learn a step by step way to feel in control of your schedule, get unstuck from your daily rut, and focus your energy on what matters. All without waking up hours early and losing out on much-needed sleep!

We interviewed Whitnee; this is what she had to say : )

CTC- How many kiddos do you have? What are their current ages? Whitnee- I've got two littles, both boys; one is nine months old and one who is just about to turn 3. CTC- What is your favorite part of raising a family? Whitnee- I love how raising a family has helped me prioritize what matters to me and allowed me to level up my actions so that they align with my values. All the cuddles and kisses are pretty great too! CTC- What do you feel is the greatest gift you receive as a mom? What is your least favorite part of parenting? Whitnee-One of the greatest gifts about being a mom is being able to help support the next generation. Passing on all of the knowledge that I've learned, in addition to what was passed onto me, gives me hope that my sons will make the world a better place. It's a way to leave the world better than I found it. My least favorite job as a mom is one I'm sure all parents can agree on! I will never be a fan of wiping poopy toddler bums. CTC- How do you hope to impact and help moms/pregnant women with your company? Whitnee- Being a mom is tough! Society and corporations seem to realize this but aren't changing fast enough to help us. Ultimately we need businesses, the government, and our cultural views to change, but we can't wait for them. My hope for the future is to give mamas the tools they need to thrive in this difficult world. CTC- When parenting gets hard, what's something you tell yourself that gets you through? Whitnee- When parenting gets hard, I remind myself it's ok to not be ok and I don't have to be perfect to be amazing. CTC- I love this program; I'm sure my readers will too! Can you share with us the price of your course and where we can find it? Whitnee- Our program is currently on sale! Our regular fee of $440 is now only $27. This is a huge saving and includes not only our full course but also all four bonuses! You can see everything we have to offer on our website, The Savvy Mom. Website:

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