Top Apps To Get Money Back

As a mom of five I am always looking for deals to save or get money back. These are my favorite apps.

If you want to save money when shopping, coupon apps are a great way to efficiently and effectively save money on a wide range of purchases.

There are plenty of apps out there that promise cash back and new ones are launching every day. There are dozens of different best cash back apps you can try, but the list above represents the best cash back apps based on potential earnings and reviews from other users.

Plus, all have sign up bonuses available, great referral programs, and they’re all free to use. The best cash app should make shopping easier and more fun. You shouldn’t have to work hard to get the cash back, and none of the best cash back apps on this list will require much effort from you.

1)ShopKick: I have gotten over $400 back from this app. Make sure to check the app everyday for videos to get points. Also, every time you go to the store you can check in to the store, scan items in the store, and upload receipts! Try Shopkick and we'll both get points toward a free gift card! 😀 Use code NICE559004 or download

2) Ibotta: Ibotta is primarily focused on in-store purchases. I have received $200 back this year (but I do forget to use it)

Once you find a coupon you want to use, you tap on the “+” symbol. Then, you can either watch a 15-second ad or answer a simple question. For instance, after I tapped the Cinnamon Toast Crunch coupon, I was asked: “Which kind are you more excited to try, Blueberry or Strawberry?” I tapped “Blueberry,” and the offer was added to “My Offers.”

Instead of presenting the coupons to the cashier at checkout, like you traditionally would with paper coupons, the magic happens after the purchase.

When you get home from shopping, you scan the code at the bottom of your receipt and you’re done. (You’ll have to scan the whole receipt if the receipt doesn’t include a QR code.)

In my experience, Ibotta posts the earnings to your account within a few hours.

Once you’ve racked up $20 in earnings, you can cash out via PayPal, Venmo, or a gift card from your favorite store. download and start getting money back!

3) SwagBucks : I‘ve made $400 cash back with swagbucks this year. If you want to save money when shopping, searching and doing other common activities online, Swagbucks should be a part of your vocabulary. This money-saving app includes a custom search engine (pretty much like Google with different advertisements) that gives you points for searching, plus you can earn points from online surveys and shopping at partner stores. Those points quickly add up to free gift cards for stores like Amazon or cash back in your PayPal account.

Amazon and Walmart gift cards are as good as cash to many, who will do a big portion of their shopping at those stores regardless, but you can’t beat cash back in your PayPal account. Check out Swagbucks! Click my link to join:

4) Get Upside App: GetUpside is an app that helps you save up to 25¢/gal of gas, 35% at restaurants, and 15% at grocery stores near you. GetUpside is a US based company that partners with some of the biggest gas, grocery, and restaurant brands in the nation, making it easy to earn cash back.

The premise behind the cash back offer is to help businesses attract more customers, while customers get a discount on the things they buy, making the partnership a win for everyone involved. My husband and I have gotten back $100 (only been using for 8 months)

My code ROSE8287 gets you a 15¢/gal bonus.

5) Checkout 51: Checkout 51 is one of the easiest and best cash back apps to save money on groceries. Checkout 51 is perfect for people who buy a lot of groceries. New offers get added to the app every week. And the great thing about Checkout 51 is that once you claim an offer, you can buy that product at any store. So it doesn’t matter if you buy it at Target or your local grocery store, you’ll still get the cash back. I have gotten $300 back this past year!

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