Top Car Seats & Strollers

There are so many car seats out there it is overwhelming. Here are the car seats we have loved over the last two years! ( I have 5 kids in car seats).

The Diono :

This car seat is more expensive but if you have a large family they can all fit three in a row.

After months of research regarding the best way to get three across in my 2017 Honda Odyssey or Chevy 2016 Silverado, we settled on this seat. I had to purchase two seats, one for my 3-year-old and one for my 19-month-old. I had to recycle my 3-year old's previous seat as it was too big to fit the Diono and our infant seat (and older Graco). I'm grateful I also didn't have to purchase a new infant seat. This is a heavy car seat, so keep that in mind if you'll be doing a lot of air travel with it. It's fine for me since it won't often be coming out of the car. I'd also advise that if you are 8.5 months pregnant that you have someone else put it together and install it. ;)

Uppa Baby Car seat :

Please do not hesitate to buy this car seat! I did months of research to find the safest car seat and it came down to a few, and we chose this one. We have zero regrets. For safety features, it's one of the top on the market. I'm a worst-case scenario type person and the thought of driving with our newborn gave me high anxiety. Knowing our son was in this car seat gave me peace of mind. I won't go into all the safety features, but please Google them if you haven't already. Installing this base was incredibly easy after we read the instructions. The indicator on the side assures you that it's correctly installed. It's nice to be able to check the indicator to make sure nothing changed or has come too loose. The seat itself is really comfortable. Our son HATED being in the car seat, but once we got him strapped in we were able to rock or sway the seat and he'd fall asleep. I liked that his head wouldn't flop to the side as much as other babies I saw. It's extremely easy to clean since most of the fabric comes off and is machine washable. It has a sleek look and isn't cheap looking like some car seats. It is a bit on the heavier side. We didn't mind it because safety was our top priority, but if you're looking for something lightweight this may not be right for you. Overall, buying the Mesa car seat was one of the best decisions we made. It's on the pricier side, but a car seat is something you should splurge on. I recommend it to every expecting parent!


We are a big fan of Joovy Strollers. We absolutely LOVE our Sit and Stand stroller from them!

Jogging Strollers :

The Joovy jogging stroller is a comparable alternative to the BOB Revolution stroller.

Pros of Joovy jogging strollers vet the BOB: Taller handlebar for taller parents Larger sunshade Slightly more economical price than BOB

Double Strollers


Pros - not a side by side. so no fighting and don't have to worry about fitting indoors - my seven years old could even sit on the sit and stand section - able to push all three. Yes, it gets heavy but not that big of a deal, completely expected with three of them. At one point I had my two girls in the back, my five-year-old in the middle, and other two years old in the front, just to see if I could. The more kids I put on it the harder it was to turn, but I was expecting that. One solution for this would have bigger wheels. - canopies cover a lot of areas. My older two-year-old has a lot of sensory issues so it is hard for him to shut down. I was able to open the canopies then place a blanket over the open area and make a completely closed in the area. He was able to shut down and nap for a long time. - extra seat in the back is a must because they all wanted to take a nap at the same time. We love it. It's easy to get to the large basket on the bottom. Folds up easily and surprisingly pretty flat. Folds better than our single and double stroller. I wish it had cup holders/compartment for moms/dads but we bought some from babies R us and an organizer. Has a small mesh net on the back we use for a pacifier, cell phone, contacts case. We do have to remove the attachment for the Infant seat to fit it in our minivan but it snaps on and off easily. I think it maneuvers better than our double stroller. We also added a big stroller hook from babies r us and our 3 years old uses it to hang his water bottle. There are lots of places to hang hooks .... Front, back, middle. The last sit/stand seat does have straps at the bottom to keep it in place but then the child is sorta forced to sit because it takes up too much room to stand.

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