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Updated: Dec 1, 2019

So I got word that Verizon pays for Disney+ for one year, so I went and signed up. I totally fangirled!!! I’m sure my husband is excited too since I won’t be renting Disney movies now. ALL my favorites. ALL the childhood nostalgia!! 😍😍😍

I love it. The Mandalorian is my new show. I can’t wait to see what else from the Star Wars universe we get. It’s not something I would expect from Disney and it’s perfect for dorky dads like me who want something to watch as well. There are so many stories that this could expand for a long time.

There was a nostalgia moment on night one. My grandparents had every Disney movie and I hadn’t see Bambi since I was my children’s ages. It would be really cool as they add more movies to their servers. Personally I’d like to see the entire vault. I love pieces that you never knew existed, it’s like Christmas. The lost project Destino is a perfect example.

Not to mention the Marvel universe is in Disney+ too. I’d schedule the week off to watch each movie back to back, in sequential order of course. Then Pixar! National Geographic was a nice touch. There is so much potential to hear it’s great. Yes, it’s missing things that I’d love to see and the buffering has been annoying at peak usage times. I’m still logging in daily with my children so they have something to watch while my wife and I just chill (actually chill this time) and find something on Disne y + for ourselves. Netflix and chill got us into this, Disney +will get us through the rest.


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