Why Raise Backyard Chickens!

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Backyard Chickens are becoming more popular than ever! And with more and more pandemics and grocery shortages this is the time to get Backyard Chickens.

Why Raise Chickens?

1) Nutritious and delicious eggs

2) Great at Fertilizing your yard

3)Natural Pest Control

4)They make great pets

Fun Facts About Chickens:

  1. Chickens have more bones in their neck than a giraffe

  2. It takes 25 hours for an egg to be made inside a hen

  3. Chickens can recognize up to 100 individual faces

  4. Chickens have full color vision

  5. The average hen lays up to 300 eggs per year

  6. Chickens can run at speeds up to 9mph

  7. Chickens have more than 30 types of vocalizations

  8. There are more chickens on earth than humans

There are hundreds of breed to choose from. Chickens for the most part are Easy to take care of.

You came check out our Chicken Coop here :

Do you have a backyard flock? Show is your flock!

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