Yumble Kids Review

What happens when you are too exhausted to make dinner for yourself, but you still want your children to eat healthy? Order takeout, meals in minutes from a box? While my children would love for me to make Mac and Cheese every night, it’s just not the best option for their health. All good things in moderation. I prefer my kids to eat healthy, but making sure I have homemade meals ready in the fridge doesn’t always happen. I have five children, and even a mom of one can empathize with that.

These meals are made for younger kids and my children loved them. Their favorite were the chicken nuggets. I had to take a few bites to see what the fuss was about, and the snack poppers were delicious! When your meals come, simply stick them in your fridge, when you are ready to serve them heat them up, easy peasy. As an extra guilt free bonus, the package that your food comes in is recyclable – which is just another reason that I am a huge fan of Yumble!

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