Book PR

Book PR

Atleast 6-weeks from publishing and looking to get a boost in sales upon launch while building buzz?

-Teaser Tuesday - Featured on 20+ Blogs 1-2 weeks prior to Release Day with a Teaser Image and Excerpt if you choose.

-Press Release (With Big Distrubtion)

-Sell Sheet (Sample, Sample 2, Sample 3) 

Teaser Campaign - 4 Teasers leading up to release
(Social Media Graphics shared, no set number of shares)

-Release Book Blitz - Up to 30+ Blogs on Release Day

-Bookstagram Blast - Custom Graphic and Blast on 10+ Instagrams

-Social Media Blast - Take advantage of our Street team. Twitter/Facebook/Instagram promotion to 30k+

Is your book priced $0.99 for Release Day? We guarantee 10-15 Purchases of your book on release day to help you make your way onto the Amazon Bestseller list. 

-Early reviews posted for your release

- (6) Custom Graphics 

The week of release we guarantee 10-15 sales the first day at 99 cents and then 20 at full price the rest of the week. 


*NEW*- Readers Favorite Book Review Submission on Your behalf


*NEW* - If your book is priced at $0.99 on release, we will promote the deal via an outside source as well! 


*NEW* We post to Facebook Groups on your behalf

(We Guarantee Amazon Reviews with this Package *the exact number varies*)