Services We Offer : A La Carte Press For Your Business 

 We do al la carte press packages. This means instead of paying $2-4k retainer for PR you just pay per Article. We do offer other pages like Huffington Post and Forbes but they are a lot more expensive. If you are interested in Services please email:  


For Medium it is $700 


Like this one :


For Yahoo it is $1100 

We do influencer marketing especially mommy influencers for you to get your product to influencers that are over 10k followers if interested in this let me know. 



We also specialize in Facebook Campaign likes 


Targeted  USA FB like Campaign is min of $500 for 1000 new Targeted likes



After placing the order, we will send a request from our agency to your page to get an advertiser role.

After you approve the request we start creating the campaign on your page, you will need to check from PC or MAC to approve the request, some mobile devices don’t show the request. 

After you approve the request we start with creating your campaign at once
Your order should start the moment the ads are approved by Facebook. (This usually takes an hour or 2 maximum)


Facebook Page Likes (not target and no guarantee they are USA) $120 per 2000 likes 


100% Real Active Users

0% Bots
45 days Guarantee


Instagram Verification:  $3200 (2500 is guaranteed back if IG decides not to verify your account) 

  • Personal or Business Instagram Accounts

  • No Log-In necessary

  • No Minimum Follower Count necessary

  • Turnaround time is 14 – 21 days for personal accounts (21 days maximum)

  • Turnaround time is 21 – 30 days for business accounts (30 days maximum) 



Monetized Youtube Channel:  $3000


Why wait a year or more to monetize your YouTube channel? In order to become a YouTube Partner, you must complete their requirements of 1,000 Channel Subscribers and 4,000 hours of Watch Time before you are eligible to generate income from your content.

We provide you with a monetized YouTube Channel within 6 weeks, ready for you to claim your brand’s vanity URL and with a clean slate for your content. Are you doing a relaunch of your brand? Are you stuck with an old YouTube channel with an outdated vanity URL that doesn’t fit your image? Do you have content but just haven’t met the new YouTube requirements to earn income from it?

All you have to do is provide us with a link to your brand. We will respond to you within 24 hours to discuss the content that you plan on uploading to your channel and customize the content for you. Within 6 weeks, you will have a fully optimized channel primed for your brand name in the customized vanity URL under advanced settings so that you can start earning your income from YouTube immediately! 

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